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Artiteq— a website for flexible picture hanging systems
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a website for flexible picture hanging systems

Dutch company Artiteq offers flexible hanging systems to hang pictures and paintings on the wall without using nails or screws.

Artiteq offers custom-made solutions for offices, museums, schools and homes. Customers can find inspiring examples and contact details on their brand new website.

  • Deliverables UX & Visual design
  • Project WordPress website
  • Year2018

The challenge

The new Artiteq website combines the hanging solutions for businesses and homes. Any type of customer is welcome to discover the possibilities and read up on all the relevant system information. The Artiteq website is not a webshop, but more aimed to inspire and showcase the possibilities.

The project

Whether you’re browsing for the perfect hanging solution for your office, looking for new ways to display the paintings in your museum or in need of a flexible picture system in your home, Artiteq’s website combines all customers’ needs by providing relevant information, inspirational pictures and contact details of nearby stores and dealers.

Design — consistent with existing branding

Artiteq’s recent newly designed brochure formed the base of the website design. By taking the key elements from the brochure, I was able to build a website with the same look and feel. Customers can now easily move from brochure to website without losing the feeling of the brand.

Artiteq brochure

Content outline session – sharing experiences

When creating a website, I always like to use my client’s expertise of their business. That’s why I planned a content outline session with Artiteq’s managing director, marketing manager and website manager.

  • homepage
  • video / visual
  • dynamic content
  • usp’s
  • for consumers
  • for business
  • categories
  • inspiration
  • consumers
  • advantages
  • possibilities
  • inspiration
  • product selection
  • business
  • sectors
  • assembly service
  • customization
  • products
  • product overview
  • smart filters
  • product list
  • dynamic content
  • link dealer selector
  • productpage
  • link dealer selector
  • product images
  • possibilities
  • applications
  • professional info
  • icons as in folder
  • other solutions

With Artiteq’s knowledge of the products and my experience in web design and UX, we co-created a content outline that formed the foundation of the website design.

The homepage — made to inspire

Visitors enter the website through a fresh, clean homepage. The introduction video and slogan give a strong impression of Artiteq’s values. The division between business and consumer is made clear by using different names, icons and pictures.

Artiteq homepage

The homepage is meant to inspire visitors. It focusses on the different hanging solutions that Artiteq offers. The many pictures show the flexibility of the systems, which are divided into several categories.

Mobile accessibility

Like any modern website, is easily accessible on tablets and smartphones. Customers can scroll through the product information and get inspired by the elegant pictures.

  • Artiteq homepage mobile
  • Artiteq overview mobile
  • Artiteq productpage mobile

The product page — to entice and attract

To make a product like a picture hanging system attractive, you have to inspire customers with ideas and solutions. The stars of the product page are definitely the pictures.

Artiteq productpage

Each product page gives a good idea of the practical benefits and unique qualities. Professionals can also find technical information and assemble videos.

  • Artiteq image
  • Artiteq image

Marijn is creative, has an eye for detail and keeps up-to-date with design trends. His knowledge of development makes the handover of the design to the developers very smooth. Marijn is proactive in finding solutions. It was a pleasure to work with him

Arjan HoeksFormer e-commerce manager at Artiteq