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Lister Buildings

the next step in efficient and sustainable building

Lister Buildings is developing our future sustainable cities with Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT). By using only natural, climate-friendly materials matched with affordable architecture and highly automated production, Lister Buildings grows your new home from the ground up.

Unparalleled sustainability standards sets Lister Buildings apart from the competition, and their focus on innovative building delivers outstanding homes that will last for decades.

  • Deliverables Visual branding UX & Visual design Frontend development
  • Project Brand Printwork WordPress website
  • Year2019

The challenge

As a new company, Lister Buildings aspires to lead the eco-friendly development sector and set higher standards for investing in and constructing sustainable wooden houses. To reflect its ambitious and innovative ecological roots, Lister Buildings needed to craft a contemporary corporate identity for their online and offline communications.

The project

A fresh, contemporary rebrand – characterized by a natural style and personalized to future homeowners– distinguishes and elevates Lister Buildings. Lister Buildings’ brand-new design was implemented throughout their comprehensive new website and included a completely customized WordPress backend.

Brandboarding — exploring and fine-tuning ideas

A brand is so much more than a logo. It’s the aesthetic of your business’s beliefs and ambitions. I drafted a brand board to initiate a cohesive and identifiable Lister Buildings brand. This allowed me to quickly bring together the brand’s fonts, colors, spacing, patterns, and graphical elements.

As an additional benefit, the brand boards visualized and subsequently aligned ideas with the client’s needs. By fine-tuning all visual elements with Lister Buildings’ marketers, I carried out the company’s rebrand by a method that emphasized consistency.

Tri-fold brochure — balancing text and visuals

After finalizing the branding phase, I began developing other means of communication for Lister Buildings. The client requested a tri-fold corporate brochure, aligned to the brand’s new look and feel, that illustrated their operations. The brochure had to be both informative and visually attractive to Lister Buildings’ target audience. For me, this meant getting the balance between text and visual elements just right.

Modular website approach — building blocks

Building modularly is key to Lister Buildings’ vision, as it increases productivity and saves costs. To reflect this unique selling point and simultaneously save valuable time in development, I mirrored their modular system in the website’s frontend design.

Easily manageable ‘building blocks’ enable the client to customize the website’s layout and give website visitors a first glimpse of Lister Buildings’ approach

The Homepage — a first impression

Lister Buildings’ front door – their new homepage – now invites visitors to step inside and take a closer look. With its refreshing yet personal design and an inspiring corporate video taking center-stage, the homepage welcomes visitors to join Lister Buildings’ eco-friendly mission.

Lister Buidlings homepage

Through various focal points, visitors are guided through the many benefits of choosing Lister Buildings, and learn how they are innovating cities with sustainable architecture. To provide a flexible and suitable homepage, I made sure the client can use the modular building blocks to adjust its layout.

One site — two color schemes

Lister Buildings’ website was designed using two color schemes: a dark theme for the ‘About Us’ pages and subpages, and a lighter theme for the rest of the site. This distinction essentially differentiates between content about the client’s roots and purpose, and more product and process-based information.

Two separate themes created a clear contrast while preserving the power of the website’s modular system and blocks. If need be, the client can easily alternate between the themes.

Lister Buidlings dark theme
Lister Buidlings light theme

Frontend — clean, modular and scalable

While creating the website’s frontend, I made sure to construct each section as stand-alone so sections can be transferred without breaking them down. This allowed the website’s backend developer to include individual sections easily into the Content Management System (CMS) – permitting greater freedom for the client to fill in and position various sections.

The rest of the frontend is set up in a similar fashion: ‘defensive’ but scalable. This essentially means all website components are adaptable, making issues quickly resolvable and giving the client full flexibility to enter either vast or small quantities of content.

Lister Buidlings graphLister Buidlings graph

From visualization to realization

There are so many ways in which Lister Buildings is raising the bar – from their innovative and personalized design, next level sustainability, to their highly efficient production methods. The clients’ products and services are unique, and to effectively communicate them, I’ve created visual representations of various elements, such as Lister Buildings’ processes, the power of CLT wood and the buildings constructed with it.

By choosing the right visual components, less communication is read, which in turn makes the content more attractive – especially online. As most people identify as visual learners and benefit from visual aids, I have designed Lister Buildings visualizations to encourage instant understanding and a symbolic connection to the brand as a whole.

Marijn is an excellent web designer who interacts quickly with the client and other stakeholders. A real specialist who thinks along with the customer and makes unique designs.

Thomas BoersStrategic Marketing Manager at Lister Buildings