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Lister Buildings— the next step in efficient and sustainable building
Acknowledge— a fresh new brand for an ict service company
Stratego— an advertising agency specialized in branding
Artiteq— a website for flexible picture hanging systems
Handyfloor— a magento webshop for vinyl floors
Judex— a webportal for legal information and representation


an advertising agency specialized in branding and marketing

Advertising agency Stratego creates campaigns for brands that like to stand out. They offer marketing and branding solutions from copywriting to product design.

The website of an advertising agency should sell itself. Therefore, the design is exclusive, different and enhanced with animations. Through strong and individual cases, Stratego’s achievements get all the attention they deserve.

  • Deliverables UX & Visual design Interaction design
  • Project WordPress website
  • Year2018

The challenge

A marketing company is only as strong as its own branding. For Stratego I created a website with a unique design and own style. The branding is visually strong and the highlighted cases reflect Stratego’s capacity and expertise.

The project

Each individual page and component is uniquely designed, without losing the consistent style and brand feel throughout the website. The animations give the website a real modern touch.

Design – visual branding

Stratego got a head start on the visuals of their branding. They created a slogan for each case with a picture as background and combined it with a cut-out image of the main character of the case.

This became the base of the website design. Using the same design essentials for each case creates a unified branding, while the use of different images makes each case distinctive from one another.

Design – from a different angle

Another consistent visual that can be seen throughout the website is the angled shape. This element represents the team. And though the shape is always the same, the use and design varies throughout the site.

  • Jeroen
  • Steven
  • Dennis
  • Daphne

Make it visible

The Stratego website is clearly designed to intrigue and entertain. Elements are made visually attractive, for instance by replacing text by graphic representations.

Stratego graph

You want to keep your visitor visually stimulated, but not too much. This fine line between appealing and overwhelming is well-balanced in this website design, leaving the visitor interested and engaged.

Animation — homepage and transition

This video pitch is a visualisation of my design idea for Stratego. It shows the value of animation and the seamless transition from the homepage to a case.

This video is also used to transfer my designs to the website developers. Using it as a reference, they were able to convert my design into an impressive website.

The about page — personal and honest

This is where it gets personal. The about page continues the unique design of the website while allowing each Stratego team member to introduce themselves and show customers their core values. Using pictures of the team, the office and their work gives visitors a glimpse behind the scenes.

Stratego about

Design awards

The Stratego website got awarded, thanks to votes from the design community. These awards inspire me to keep creating unique and interesting designs.

  • Awwwards

    Honorable mention
  • CSS Design Awards

    Special kudos

Cases — the work speaks for itself

Stratego prefers to let the work do the talking. Their impressive cases show their skills and experience. Each individual case is unique in its design and style, using the branding from the case itself.

  • Case 1
  • Case 2
  • Case 3

Every case custom made

Every case is visually stunning and provides information about the challenge of the campaign, the individual elements and the results. Pictures, branding information and videos give the case character and significance, leaving the reader intrigued and excited.

Stratego case searious business

As a real professional, Marijn understands the stakes in any project. It’s very valuable to us that we can completely trust him in his direct contact with our clients and partners. He’s a team player that delivers an outstanding. Marijn is one of my top five partners to work with!

Steven van den ElzenBranding expert / Managing partner at Stratego branding